Stump grinding provides a clear-cut
and less abrasive stump removal
process than traditional stump removal,
resulting in greater cost savings and
eliminating damage to your lawn.

After grinding stumps below the
surface, you can enhance the area by
simply adding topsoil and planting
grass. If you're replanting a tree, we
suggest moving a good distance away
from the former stump area to ensure
proper root growth. As an added
bonus, stump grinding creates mulch
which you can then use around your
yard in flower beds, gardens and
around trees.
Turning unwanted stumps into useful mulch since 1982!
If you want to enhance your property's appearance or are tired of mowing around your stumps,
call us for a free estimate,
Using this stump as an illustration...notice
that the cut is NOT the widest point of
measurement ACROSS the stump.  The
proper place to measure is ACROSS the
widest portion, at the point closest to
ground level to account for the flare.  We
measure ACROSS, not around the stump.  
Just Measure at the lowest and widest part
for the best phone estimate!  

Stumps should be cut as low to ground level
as possible...we charge extra for cutting
high stumps.
Little Beaver Stump Grinding
P.O. Box 338, Chicago Park, CA  95712
Family owned and operated since 1982, Little Beaver Stump Grinding, services Grass Valley,
Nevada City, Alta Sierra, Penn Valley, Colfax, Auburn and other surrounding towns in both
Nevada and Placer Counties.

Our self-propelled machine excels at getting into tight spots around plantings and is able to go
through standard 36" fence gates.  Stumps can be ground 4-20 inches below the surface
depending on the need.
"I am completely in awe of your service!  I will
recommend your service as often as possible.  
Thank you for your speed and professionalism!"
                             - Carolyn Jones-Rogers
"Thanks for coming right away and doing such a
great job!"
                           - Dr. and Mrs. Gary Glaze
"I appreciate your professionalism, hard work and
great job grinding my cedar stump!  I now have a
fresh garden canvas to create."
                                      - Pamela Ruth
                                   Realtor, Network Real Estate